Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The 2nd day of CNY

Yesterday is the second day of CNY...
this year abit different...usually we will eat...... sth like a reunion lunch...
but since Granny passed away, everything seems like abit different..
but it's changes year by year...

this year do not have any ''reunion lunch''...
just eat yesterday's left food...
after lunch...i tot will as usual go to visit 'yi ma'(mother's sis) and 'ma ma'(奶妈)
but then due to my mother's leg felt she cant make any visitation to thier house...
Nvm lo, no choice lo, tis year relax at home lo...

then, 1 hour later got some relatives came our house...
i think is 表姑姐 ba... and her two sons..
den few minutes later, 'dai gor gor' (yi ma's son) and his family came to our house also..
his 3 daughters reli cute and pretty...especially the youngest daughter 'ah jie' 心洁
she's so active and cute~~~~~~~~~~hehehe

den 'yi ma' came along wif her daughter(Ah Yen JieJie) and her family oso....
'yi ma' looks abit old already..aih~ 岁月不饶人
den AhYenJieJie pregnant already~its a gal also~ she said will give birth on April oo

I did some blur things again...

Nicholas...表姑姐's son...he wants to buy a teddy bear...
den i fetch him to Parkson...
and then i parked inside the building....nit to keep ticket and pay one...
after v came out from the building, v muz show the ticket and pay...
but then i cant find the ticket...cham mou...
if lost the ticket must pay RM20 ( i think)
oh gosh...
the guard saw us den he said: tak apa la, jalan...
haha...he's so kind...
after Nicholas paid RM1 ,den terus balik lu~

I'm always blur but always lucky one...hehe
When i prepare to bath, i found that the ticket just inside my pocket....
Uh......beh tahan looooooooo =.=


Lepas tu, Mahvin come to fetch us (GuJie, LinGu, LeeMann and I) to 东禅寺 (dong chan si) at Jejarom...quite far from Rawang leh~~
It's a nice 'trip' that night...thx alot Mahvin...what a memorible nite~~ ^^

den Mahvin brought us to Klang to eat poridge steamboat at ''char par par steamboat restaurant'' (吃饱饱海鲜生窝)
the coconut drinks and the steamboat oso quite nice~ ^^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

26/01/2009 Happy Chinese New Year~~

today is a sunny day~ (as usual, hot like hell.. ><")
Hehe, slp till quite late.. =p
after makan my 'brunch', have to start to work again~~
today's mission is just same like last previous year--- GORENG/FRIED
But tis year got some special food~!! and very tasty oso~ hehe
tat is................ dang~! SQUISHY (squid) yum yum~

at first, we (me & ga jie (elder sis) ) have to fry those "big big things" first then onli fried those "small small things"
what is big big things? chicken drumstick and wings lo
what is small small things? nugget and squishy lo..

it is a quite difficult mission...
bcuz the weather is sooo hot but still have to stand infornt of the cooker and fry fry fry... wa......fry until my 'oil' oso came out already...haha
but it's reli nice to eat...=p "sell flower praise flower fragrance" (卖花赞花香)
those fried chicken is tastier than KFC u know~ kekeke...
but last year nicer lor....='(

after fried chick den fried sotong...
after fried sotong den fried nugget...
after fried nugget den fried hashbrown...
hehe, kita org ni sambil makan sambil goreng... hot is 'nicer' u know~ XD

Fried chicken drumstick and wings

Fried Squid and Hashbrown

Fried Nugget (A1 brand...nice~)

As usual, Mummy will ask Aunty Sarasi to cook curry chick and curry mutton
the curry chicken is nice...but the a chewing gum... =.= not so nice lor..


The ''ChewingGum'' Curry Mutton...haha =p

This is daddy's 'sau min' 寿面。。 inside got my lovely lil prawn de~~hehe..tasty

after drinking, eating, and cooking...
den we start to play~~~

as usual today got many relatives came to our house..
GuMa , AhTeh (GuMa's husband),
YiGor&YiSou&HuiYi&Nicholas (Cousin&Wife&Daughter&Son),
YiJie&DaiLou&Jessica&Dianne&Madeline (Cousin&Husband&Daughters),
GuJie&Mahvin (Aunt&Son),
LiongLiong (Uncle's wife),
AhTongGorGor&SiPei&Leonardo&Daniel (Cousin&Wife&Sons), AhHengGorGor&BingBing&LekLek (Cousin&Sons),
LinGu(Dunno wat relation but v're very close),
AhOnnGorGor&Wife&Son (LinGu's son)
*and many of their maids oso...haha

So 热闹~ hehe
den ga jie and i always play with those kids....actually onli ManFoong (AhOnn's Son)..
He is soooooo cute...always smile...looks like an ''ABC''...very leng zai~~
den LekLek oso very cute lo, he always said ''xi huan ni~'' (likes you)...
wa~~ made me so happy tim....=p

Many of them oso asked me : ''Got Boyfriend la?''
Oh~ tis is the first year they keep asking me this question...haha
mayb i'm reli grown up jor...=p
sure la, 21 lor tis year....old lor T_T
but i wish to act like a kid when i be with them...hehe

Those kids like Oscar (our dog) so much....especially ManFoong...
He totally not scare of the dog leh!! somemore dare to sayang him...Geng...不愧是阿安哥哥的仔。。

and got another gang of kids....the princess gang...hahaha
they're Jessica,Dianne,Madeline and HuiYi...
One word to describe---PRINCESS~!! Hehe..

ManFoong and us~

LekLek, Oscar and me~

They are playing with Oscar

LengZai ManFoong and I

What are they doing?? Shhh.....hehehe


den sampai 7pm, all of them went back~'s a tired day....but happy...hehe

Wish all my dearest family & relatives have a PROSPERITY and HEALTHY Chinese New Year~!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The day before CNY~

25/1/2008 Sunday

Today is the day before Chinese New Year...
Got alotsss of thing need to do...

at first, woke up at 6.20am T_T (i slept 3 hours onli)
den follow daddy to pasar pagi~ certainly is to buy fooooood lor... hehe
Ah Ba bought chicken, prawn, pork stick?(排骨) , 'sang choi' 生菜, fu yu (腐乳), banana~.....etc...etc...etc...etc...
after 1 hour+ ,finally we finished our mission!!
den both of us eat breakfast kat upstair which got many chinese food stalls...
i ate YeeMee+egg (伊面).... ^^ yum yum

when we go back, i saw 'gu ma' 姑妈 wif NG 姐姐 neh~
gu ma said : '' eh? u replace ur mother ar? ''...
haha~ =x
den balik rumah lo~

after a while, around 11 sth, i have to go out again =.=''
now have to go to Bintang SuperMarket...with 'ga jie' (my elder sister)
also the same, got alotssssssss of things to buy...
i.e : Chicken drumstick&wings, peanuts, fried powder, tissue, agar-agar, nugget, hashbrown, squishy (squid 墨鱼) ....etc etc etc etc

when i came back home, already 2 sth...omg O_O"
after makan my McD prosperity chicken (damn hot!! cuz the black pepper..but nice~!),
i have to wash the lil' squishy~ cut it to pieces~! keke
i have to wash the chick drumstick and wings~ also cut it into pieces~~!! XD

Uh, the drumstick is not easy to potong...
cuz i do not have enuf power/strength to take the BIG KNIFE and 狠狠地cut it down...
and dunno why i always canot reach the place tat i've aimed... den...cut till 1 big 1 small..
aih~~ memang funny when i cut it...hehehe
den oso got cut brocolli and colliflower? ^^
cuz Ah Ba wanna cook 炒杂菜~

on the other side, ga jie made some tasty banana muffins~~ emm~ yumyum~~
so delicious~~ inside got walnut oso neh~~

den finally i can rest for a while already...T_T
reli for a lil while...cuz i have to wash my toilet...wu wu wu wu T_________T
den 'gu jie' 姑姐 came back wif Mahvin~~
they came back to eat 'tuan yuan fan' 团圆饭...tat is reunion dinner~~

and tis is my daddy's presentation~~!! Nice leh~~ ^^

Ah Ma, ur hand ar~~ kekeke

Please do not get shocked~ bcuz tis is for 8 ppl's dinner~~
got chicken soup, white chop chicken (白切鸡) , brocolli'ss, prawns, lap chiong& nga gu, and the last one....'button mush chicken leg' (冬菇鸡脚)...
URGgg..wa!!~~ very de full ar~~~ hahaha
i like daddy's cook ^^

after tat, i reli exhausted already....
i fall aslp in the living room after taking my bath...
sampai hampir jie wake me up.....
cuz still got 'dai choi gou' (agar-agar) haven make...
T_T reli very tired la...
but no choice, have to wake up and make it...

luckily i got wake up, cuz can greet them ''happy chinese new year"...hehe
and oso wif my frens by SMS~~

den baru i start to make 'dai choi gou'....
and u will never think about the flavour of it...kekeke~~~
it's very special one....^^ special than previous ba?
Previous one are :1 Lychee
2 lor hon guo 罗汉果

this time is................... dang!!!
ROOTBEER+ Cincau~~~~~~~~~ special leh~~~
and the dai choi gou reli 'hak mang mang' one...
normally canot see cincau...cuz too dark...XD

actually those cincau is not for the dai choi gou one...
cuz tat time ga jie was cutting the cincau for tomorrow drinks...(Sarsi cincau)
but then, i feel that the dai choi gou like missing sth....
eventually i added the cincau inside the dai choi gou...haha~~

these are the cincausss...not easy to cut into so small pieceeeeeeeeeeeesss u know...

Guess what it is?? hehehehe
leech?? Nope~~ XD

After the cutting process, is already 2 sth am..........
den write blog until now...
now is already 3.51am....omg!!!
tomorrow still got many works waiting for me to do!! 
Chao~~~ ^__^"> ZZZZZ....

Happy Chinese Niu Year~~~

Sunday, January 25, 2009


我时常在想, 到底我的‘他’会是个怎样的人呢?




唉,勉强没幸福。。。算了吧。。既然他也不是那么的好 :p (得不到的葡萄是酸的。。哈哈)

诶,别离题~~ 呵呵
不用帅的。。 不过可能要会逗我笑。。有幽默感








Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is around the corner...
but then now onli i got the feel it's coming soon..
why? bcuz i nid to help Mrs. Kum to clean the house or decorate the house or help to cook sth..
But...i'm damn lazy to do tat...i dun even hav the feel to help up...uh...i'm a bad gal...

aih, actually i wanna be 迎接 tis chinese new year...
but then bcuz of my lazyness, 我提不起劲啦....
hope later i post tis blog i wont be in that mood already...

*slap my face* wake up wake up!!
dun always slp already...reli become a piggie already!!
reached home onli slp and eat....beh tahan... =.="
still got many things waiting for u to do~

juz now recieved ming lit's call..

he said:Kum Lee Yin..

me : wei~ meh shi?

Lit : tonite u free anot? min sion said wanna yam cha at wai sam..

me : ..... mayb canot lo, still got many things to do (feel guilty not to helping my mum already)

Lit : okok, den wednesday leh? v wanna 'bai nian' den lou sang and celebrate YinFong, Strongest, SzeYen etc etc.. burfday..

me : (i stunned) wa, tat day ma very busy lo? haha.. ok i no problem ^^

Lit : den i inform u when i confirm the time =) Bye~

me : bye~


suddenly i felt so happy liao....cuz long time din meet all of u... i miss u all...
i still remember last year v lou sang...(but tat time, aihz...i wasn't happy...)
but now, i sure i can fully enjoy already ^^
tis time i wanna take my camera!! take photo wif u guys!!
Hope all of u also can attend the lou sang event!!! kekekee~~

"I wish Happy Chinese New Year~
I wish Happy Chinese New Year~
I wish Happy Chinese New Year~
And a Happy Valentine~"


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These previous busy days -- 01

Busy busy busy busy busy.....

busy but still got time to write a blog? haha...自相矛盾... :p

aih, why i will start to blog leh? since i'm a super duper extremely lazy ppl...
it's juz bcuz of.... I'm a FORGETFUL gal...
aih...old choice...have to write it down so that i can recall it... :p

10/01/2009 (Saturday)

We went to Malaysia Open for Badminton...(semifinal)

Who are 'we'?
Frank, Frederick, Elvin, Jim, Ah Quinn and I...(got anyone i left out? hmm...shuld be no gua)

Where is it?
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil...

How to go?
Rapid kl T632-->LRT station uni -->LRT masjid jamek --> starline bukit jalil

How much is the ticket?

What time it started?

that day quite sien... y? cuz onli left Datuk Lee Chong Wei still exist in the competition..for Malaysia team... others lost jor...=.=
First to play is mix double... den bcuz got two court play together, so already campur aduk...
Datuk Lee Vs Peter Gade...(i forgot how's the game liao ><") den the last is men's double...(korean team not bad ^^) when the Korea team was playing, got 1 stupid always act like a speaker and use a very weird tone to say : "Lee Yong Dae~"...not onli once, but many many many times!! beh tahan!! i'm wondering izzit he is a gay...=.='' siao...luckily korean team din lose..if not Lee Yong Dae will go to kill him... lol~ Then when we go back, onli realised that got another way to go bukit time+ save$$...

starline bukit jalil --> ktm bandar tasik selatan --> ktm mid valley

nvm la, get some exp lo...
den we eat at MV ShiLin士林....
den go back by rapid and taxi~~~

dunno 9pm or 10pm, we celebrate Steve's bday~
we went to 8th yam cha...
wif yiyen, kexin, steve, quiin and frank...
tat nite i cant stop laughing...y leh?
bcuz of ah quiin...haha~

Quinn : Ork....(he always like to 'Ork')

Steve : bla bla bla

Quinn : Ork...

Frank : bla bla bla

Quinn : Ork

YiYen : Ah Quiin like me

Quinn : Ork............

Quinn : .... Arrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~

den all of us laugh till canot breath...hahaha~~~
YiYen got a new admirer~ Ah Quiin~~~
hehehe.. =p

11/01/2009 (Sunday)

10th College reunion dinner
Venue : Ren Ren Restaurant (old klang road?)
Time : 7~11pm

Many Ex-Seniors, Seniors and Juniors

MC : Lap Foong and I
AJKs : Yi Yen, Ke Xin, Yenni, Pik Yee, Lap Foong, Terrence, Lee Farn, Frank...

We went there by 2 buses and few cars(senior's)...
When we reached there, all of them busy busy to find their place to sit...场面一片混乱
den MC have to start to talk sth edi...but then....NO MIC!!! how to talk?!
luckily the boss go and take the precious mic came in from outside...
me and lap foong, quite 'gan jiong'...(mayb?) haha
fast fast intro, fast fast let Hui Lin the pengurusi to giv speech...cuz already 8 sth...

den zao fast fast lou sang, fast fast makan, fast fast award...

everything run so fast...haven finish makan, (almost la) den have to cakap again...><" Here is the winner list : 1.最佳爸爸-Andrew and beng zhao 2.最佳妈妈-Bao Fen ^^ 3.最佳才子-Philip 4.最佳才女-Rachel 5.最佳绯闻情侣-KeXin & LapFoong 6.最佳帅哥美女-YC & KenIu 7.最佳梦中情人-JunYen & Cindy 8.最佳Satellite-Frank 9.最佳Anthenna-BeeTing 10. 最佳明星脸-Kenny Congratulations everyone in the list!! Yeah~ my roommate get leng lui award~ hehe..i got vote for u oo~ ^^ After that, we celebrate birthday for those who is born in november, december and january de... den everyone start to take photograph already... 2 act cool MC...hahaha

My family mama~~ Bao Fen~~~ (many ppl said v looks alike...hehe)

10th College Leng luisss........hehe

5 leng lui same T-shirt~~ hehe "Juicy Jolly Jubilee"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blur case 01

since my blog title is "Blurest People Here", for sure i must show some evidence for my blur case...

29/12/2008...(if not wrg)
it was the day i came back UM from hometown...
holiday spent about 2 months if not wrg...
that day for sure must take all my 'thingys' back (shirt ar, food ar, pants ar, bed sheet ar etc.......)

then started to clean up the room...
but due to my dearest roommate came back earlier than me, i no nid to sweep the floor edi...
felt so guilty leh, y always she came back earlier than me 1...><" nvm, then i clean all those dusty windows and fan... walao, the fan susah to clean leh, cuz i'm short...@_@" those dust juz like a catepillar!! black and big and fur fur one...hahaha.... after clean-up, den i bring out my bed sheet to 'cover' the mattress...but then i felt so weird... i was thinking : why is this bed sheet so loose one?? after a while, i only realised that the bed sheet is QUEEN SIZE one!!! =.="
Aduh!! reli beh tahan myself already...
then how?? ma dun care la, just put those loose part below the mattress lor...boh bian lar... =p

Finally, i've done...den ma go to office to take the key lo...

In the office ~~

Me : Saya nak register bilik..

Officer : Ape? u pelajar baru ?

Me : Bukan, saya last sem punya student, nak ambik kunci...

Officer : ......Oh, ape nombor bilik u?

Me : Er...... K..... .... ..... K2-1-14........

Officer : ok, cari u punya nama dan sign saje...(den he go to take K2-1-14's key)

Me : (Eh? y the name in K2-1-14 is malays one??)

den my behind got a gal waiting, i pai seh, so i let her to sign first....then i said,

Me : Sorry saye bukan K2...(den he is very nice, din scold me... he juz put back the green key )

Me : Aiyo, saya sendiri pun lupa ape blok....(i wanna ask the gal wat's the blok beside guy's blok, but too 'fish' liao...i not dare to ask...)

den i think and think and think.....

Me : OH!! saye K1.....Er.....
(den i doubt 1st floor or 2nd floor? but i remember is sth like k1-2-14 or k2-1-14 but dunno y my mind telling me is 1st flr, 1st flr, 1st flr....aiya dun k la, juz check the list...)

Me: Oh, saye K1-2-14....^^">


Uh, just onli 2 months, i can blur until forget wat's my blok name and which floor i stay...
K1-2-14 change to K2-1-14.....><"


Sunday, January 18, 2009

New blog?


no doubt, tis is not a new blog...
cuz i'm always in the '3 minutes hot' situation (on that time lar)
actually i got an old blog in frenster...but then frenster blog not so advance...
nvm la, dak han mou si zou, activate tis blog again lor...hehe

holim, eventually i change to blogspot liao...lolx
hope it will last long abit lar....~_~
i'll try my ever best to update one!! (i'll try...try onli...try try try....)