Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Time To Zao Lou ''again''

Finally~ came back from China~
wuu huuu~~~ Memang Bagus!! coz this trip main theme is "食破天惊广州之旅" (Eat until Sky also scared's Guang Zhou Trip) hahaha!! That's why...I fat already...T_T kelian...but those food memang nice la.....XD But now I'm going to pack things to "zao lou" -走佬 again...coz going to XiaXiang from 21st of May till 9th of June...Gosh..Really no time already!! ><" So, juz share some China trip's photo here~ (GuangZhou-ZhuHai-ZhongShan-Macau)

lol... wait me~

Pasar Malam

Walao...last wednesday I went to Pasar Malam..Actually I planned to write it down on that day..But then tooooo busy..coz have to prepare things to fly to China on friday...><" That's why have to came back from China only can write this...=.=|| There are some food that I like the most in Bukit Rawang Jaya's Pasar Malam..^^ Got Apam Balik with egg, Super "bouncy" FishBall.. These 2 is the must when I go there...haha~~ ^^
Bouncy FishBallss..RM4 for 10

Apam Balik with eggs!! RM1 only!! My Favourite.. Yummy~

Delicious PohPiah~

This is a new one...It is TaoPok..Dunno call

This two not related to Pasar Malam..It is my early Birthday Present from Cyan~ ^^ Thx ya~~ Hehe....and It is not a bread o~ :p canot eat 1 oh~ XD
~lil' Turtle Zai~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sing K gathering

Hehe...Today is a "Sing K" gathering with high school frens~
We sang from 2pm-7pm!! lol~~ at LowYat Redbox...
actually we're able to continue...but all of us already
so nice to sing so long...wakakakaka...
and all of us got 9 ppl!! hohoho....
got : MeiSham, TuckSean, SzeHui, ZhenKai, HuiLin, CYan, MiewMiew, Ngahgah and Me!!
student price onli RM8++ XD...

Cyan, MeiSham, Ngahgah, MiewMiew, HuiLin

LEeYiN & SzeHui

ZhengKai, TuckSean, MeiSham, LEeYiN

ZhenKai, SzeHui, TuckSean, MeiSham

After sing k, we went to 港饮港食 again...cuz I introduce one.. :p
This time I eat 虾仁滑蛋河... XD VERY NICE!!! Bcoz got soooooooooooooo many delicious prawns!!(I've 10 prawns) T__T so touch... but not cheap lo RM11... Let us enjoy the picture~ hahaha~~


Mother's Day

10/5/2009 Sunday

Mother's day~~
We planed to celebrate by having a steamboat "party"~~
but this "party" only got 7 ppl la...Hahaha
Me and Papa went to Pasar Pagi early in the morning...
Bought all those Fish Ball, Meat Ball, wateva ball...hahaha..
Then after "Shopping" in the wet market, we had our breakfast at first floor there~
I ate 2 half-boiled eggs!! I miss it so much~~

Half-Boiled Eggs

Then we started our Steamboat at 6pm++
Yahoo~~~~ Wait for it so long....coz I very tired to prepare it leh... ><" Mama look so happy today~~ hehehe... she gave all of us ang pao..O_O" lol.... That day I really ate too much...Really FULL LIKE HELL!!! =.=|| But so happy to have a gathering eating with my family and in our own house~~ Feel so warm... ^^ Love u all...Muackz.. ^^ And Wish all dearest Mother have a Great Happy Mother's Day!! ^^

Dun be so shock..coz we all are very "Big Eat"...hahaha..=p

This soup damn nice...Sdn Bhd and made by my Daddy..hohoho~

Tom Yam Flavour

My "Dearest" Prawn..Hehe

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Egg Tart!!

Finally I've finished the donation drive..
Finally I came back my home sweet home!!!
Yeah~~~ I miss my home so much... T_T

Huhu~ today is Mama's day~~ XD den me and my sister decided to prepare a steamboat 'party' for our mama~~ ^^ Yesterday we went to buy some ingredients for our "special make" for her too~~ My elder sis plan to make some banana walnut muffin...Yummy~~ den how bout me?? Hehehe~ I plan to make some EGG TARTS for everyone~~~~ XD

Before talking about the egg tarts, let me talk about wat I did yesterday..Yesterday afternoon after I reached back home, me and my sis went to bakery house to buy those ingredients~ Then I ate my dinner with my dearest daddy in HoHo Restaurant~~ Hehe...We ordered a Japenese seaweed fried rice and a Pattaya Chicken Chop...These are recommended by the boss..he said his customer introduce him to eat it campur sounds interesting...den me and my daddy decided to share share eat...^^ 1st time eat with him like eating with boyfriend :p ^////^ We had a nice talk at there too...really too long din see my lovely many things can share together...hehe...

Then at night, its the time to bake!!! wakakaka~ I let my sister bake first,then onli my turn...Those egg tarts really not very easy to make lo....quite many things need to prepare...but is ok for me...cuz first time is the most interesting part...hahaha...actually the progression quite smooth...^^ sister and mama also said very nice~~ hehehe~~ so happy neh~~~ ^^ and I like the base too (which is the crust part of the egg tart)... nice nice~ Here some photo to make the egg tarts!! Enjoy~~ XD

Mama, I Love You~~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yesteraday and Today in UM

Hoho~~ Yesterday and today...Which is 5/5 and 6/5...

Yesterday is a boring day~~ actually i plan to stay at college onli..But then my 良心asked me to go to DTC again to have a look and ask for the person in charge at there...No choice..coz I toss coin also the same result---which is going to DTC...Ok la, then I went to DTC lo...But when I reached there...=.=|| nobody at there...coz dun have exam at 3pm...aihz...Suan le ba...Before leaving I took some photo again =p ... Here we go~~

The water is so clear now~~ can see the fishie~~

After that...I went to Library for AIR-CON...coz the weather is too hot =.=|| When I reached there I go to the digital centre there...Then I saw Kit Meng leh!! very suprising...finally got fate to meet her in UM...hehe...She really leng lui jor~~ hehe.. After Chit-chating wif a very small volume ><", I went to another place to read newspaper...aiks...I miss it so much...Really its been a long long time I din read newspaper already...after that go to explore whole library...hahaha~~ and took some photo again...huhu...contented~~ :p Lets enjoy the library "scene" here~~ XD

Then went back college and had my dinner with YiYen, PikYee, Andhie and Steve at 8th college~~ Kenny also join us after few minutes.. =] We had a nice chat at there and we decided to play poker cards at 9pm in study room~~ coz too boring in college..muz find some activity to do..hahaha~ But at last onli left me, PikYee, HengSheng, YiYen, Kenny and KenIu gather at there to play cards...Andhie is there, but he din touch the cards at all...cuz he onli interested to touch other ppls laptop..haha~ We played so many games, got 潜乌龟,钓鱼, chi sap (ikat sepuluh), hak mui zim ban, and Uno(using poker card)...Hehehe...and that Kenny, he so geng eh...He can tipu mui mui zai by his poker card tricks jor!! Geng...we all very shocked!! lol...But really is very nice.. ^^ We played till 11pm, den I start to format my pc~ cuz i wanna change to Vista~~ hoho...finally...den 4:30am onli slp...=.="

Today we went to kayak at Varsity Lake~~ Yeah~~ Got YiYen, PikYee, Andhie, PohFen, HuaChyi and PeiWen along... ^^ my first time kayak...haha~~ YiYen and me in one boat~ Hoho, both of us also lazy like hell...we kayak a while rest for 'many' while....hahahaha....But really shuang lo...hehehe...Here some photo~

Then 5 of us without Andhie and PeiWen, we went to makan at 3rd....Roti Pisang very nice oh!!! nice nice...^^ hehe~ then walk back to college after our dinner~~ ^^ its a nice dinner and nice walk~~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

After Exam and BlurCase07

Yahoo~~~ Merdeka!! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!
After 1:30pm 4/5/2009....
we finished all our exam in this sem~~~ YESH!!!! XD
Damn happy...Hehehe...After the exam, YiYen, PikYee, HengSheng, Ang and me plan to sing k at Low Yat...4 of us except Ang went there by taxi, b4 that we went to library also cuz I nid to return the Data Structure book....I borrowed it for one semester edi...wakakaka~~ Then Blurcase happened in the library toilet....My wallet put inside the toilet then forget to take...=.=|| luckily the person wanna go in,she saw my wallet inside and asked me izzit mine...walao....I'm not purposely ok...aih....Then we took taxi to low yat first, i ask for 3 taxi, 3 of them oso dun wan to fetch us to low yat =.=|| I really sien liao lo!! Then YiYen "Keluar Kuda" 出马, she asked for 1 taxi, then she get it...!$!@$^&%!@# ZHA DAO!!! But nvm la, as long as we can take the cab to low yat..hehe...

Before we went to RedBox, we went to makan our lunch first...coz RedBox doesnt provide any food...Then 4 of us went to HongKong Restaurant 香港港饮港食餐厅...wa~ not bad o~ okok la~~ haha...coz I eat HongKong "Maggie Mee" 午餐肉煎蛋出前一丁....Normal lo~ Hehe....After having our lunch, ngam ngam 3pm!! ^^ we go to sing k~~

SSKing--Ang Ang Ang~

HengSheng the 圣人~ haha

PikYee 陶醉-ing~

HoYiYen~~ selfprotrait memang =.=||

Before Ang join us, suddenly I realised that I forget to take the plastic bag which inside got switch port!!! OMG!!! That is AhCat want me to help her to keep it first till next sem...BUT I din take it at all after the DTC exam...actually she gave me juz right after the exam...Then that time I got several things to settle for the xia xiang things...Then I think I left it infront of DTC main entrance....T____T.... aiks...why I'm always so blur, why I'm always careless...Aihz....I'm so sorry sister....

No choice, I lost it already is a FACT..No point I'm singing with a sad mood...Suan le ba!! Let me enjoy my singing then onli worry la!! =p After the sing k~ we decided to watch a movie in Times Square~~~ That time already 6+pm....and the X-Men is 6.30pm...OK ba!! den we plan to have our dinner after watching the X-Men..

~~X-Men Origins: Wolverine~~

Rating: 8/10

It's really is a *Thumbs up* movie...I din realise I've watched for 2 hrs already after the movie really really is a nice movie...I like the story line...NICE!! It's been a long time that I didn't watch a nice movie...Rm11....X-Men u WORTH it...hahaha~~

Its all about the "Wolverine" aka Logan's story...Its a touching story too T__T...And I like to see different kinds of mutants...So interesting~~ ^^ I like Cyclops!! Haha~ The laser eye~~ so geng~~ I remember him the most when I was young to watch X-Men~~ (sounds like i'm so old already =.=||) Then got the invisible man~ the "samurai"man~ (unfortunately at last he's been using as experiment T_T he likes to talk..but the bad one sew his mouth...T__T) and the "electric" man~~(He's innocent!! and I like the bulb tricks!! hehe).....Actually I hate Victor (the "wolf"? ) cuz he kills so many ppl...but eventually he saved his brother-Logan~~ Nice~~... etc etc mutants...hahaha~~

Trust me!! its really an interesting movie!! Go and have a watch in cinema~!!


Ok...After the NICE movie, sure v had our dinner at Times Square..coz is already 8.30pm...After looking for a few restaurants, v decided to eat in Gasoline~~ full....Then got a funny thing happened...That Stupid HoYiYen, she ate somebody's food..she saw it, "oh~ got cheese 1~ its mine..."...coz she has ordered a chicken chop wif cheese...but that "thing" seems like dun have any chicken lo...after she ate abit, onli she realize that "thing" is not belong to her....hahahaha!! Then she asked all of us izzit we ordered one...certainly is not lo....den one of the waiter came to us and said:"oh sry~ that's is not urs...=.=|| zhadou!!! den they took back and Pik Yee heard them said:"It looks like din eat b4"....OMG, are u going to serve it to another customer??? =.=|| if u eat it, its still acceptable...BUT if u SERVED it...Really *speechless*...=.=|| Anyway, its really a nice meal at there although the waiters are weird weird...><"....Lets have a look for those delicious food ba~~ ^^

TomYam Chicken soup

This is mine~ dunno wat fish wat egg wat vege rice...haha~ nice oh!! but reli too many rice and its reli looks like a "hak yi dao" (beggar's bowl) hahaha~

HoYiYen's Big Big Green Apple Juice..nice~

From small... Medium...

...Till BIG!!! XD

After dinner its already 10pm...sure muz go back "home" already...Then we took Monorial-LRT-RapidKL Bus- 11Bus(our legs) to reach back college...walao so tired~

Am I creative enuf? wakakaka~

PikYee very cooperative~~haha

Before we going back to college, we tried to have a look in DTC for the plastic bag...BUT....dun have...T__T....suan la...aihz..sure dun hav edi la...

Ppl worrying for my things but I still got the mood to take picture...hahaha =p

Anyway, I really had alot of fun today~~ ^^ although always happen some bad things to me~ but its reli not a big deal~~ hahaha~~~ "Don't Worry,Be happy" =p
(Wao!! It's already 2.43am...><" Tata~~)