Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Akai Ito

Hehehe~~ today we went to watch Akai Ito 赤い糸 (Thread of Destiny) after STUPID CSA EXAM...

Let's talk about before the movie
Yeah...finally finished the STUPID CSA exam...=.=|| I sambil shake head sambil sigh and sambil do the questions...What the heck is that?! Those questions really make me @#$^&!...Cuz I really dunno how to do at all!!!....Oh My God...Please just let me pass this STUPID CSA..cuz if I take it again, I will suffer like HELL!!!! PLEASE...I BEG YOU!!! T____T AIHHHHHZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz... =.=|||

OK..juz let it point to sigh at here already..OK?! cuz still got Data Structure...=.= aduh...lagi satu suffer subject...T___T (I mean for me ok? not for those GOD..=.=||) Then after the STUPID CSA exam, AhCat, XiaoKen, Joey and me went to Midvalley by taxi~~ Hehehe how about the other two?? (CC DaiLou and Daishou...wops...paiseh not Daishou, is KeXin...sry ya, press too fast...hahahaha) They sure went there by romantic bike bike lo~~ (motorbike)...hahaha

After v bought the tickets, we go to makan McValue Meal...Then walk around MidValley~ just window shopping till 430pm...den we watch our movie~ Akai Ito...


~AKAI ITO~ 赤い糸 (Thread of Destiny)

It's said that after a person is born
They will meet approximately 30,000 people before they die
Of those, the number of people you'll meet and work with at scholl is 3000
And of those, you will intimately know 300
Amont all those encounters, it said God has arranged a special one for you
One made from before you were born
However, the bond of fate is invisible to everyone
And yet, that unseen person in your destiny
is connected to you by a red string on your pinky
That's why...I fell in love with you the moment we met

Hmm lets talk about this movie..Actually this movie for me is ok onli...but still got some part is touching...Why i said is ok onli? cuz some part is too inlogic...and all incident ran too fast...cant digest...I think its better to watch the drama...Hehe, hope the drama will be nicer~~~ ^^ (The drama is very nice...T_T pls watch doubt...Edited by 30/4 7.40pm)
Click here to watch online Akai Ito Drama..

Akai Ito...Direct translate is "red thread"....I like this title...actually it's a meaningful movie also... Its all about fate... 缘分... Cuz both of them were born on the same day...which is 29th of Feb....
Fate, makes them meet together again...
But Fate, also makes them not to get together again...

It reminds me to appreciate...appreciate the fate that are given...
There are so many ppl in this world,
but we still can be together....
still can be in one family....
still can be your friend...
still can be your someone....
I will trust it... Its fate make us come together...
Appreaciate alot..Thanks God Giving....


After our movie, we went to Garden and accompany Sister--AhCat to buy something for her beloved ones...hehe Dun think too much, its her mother and her nephew...haha...After shopping, we had our NICE dinner in the Foong Lye Taiwan Restaurant...逢莱茶坊...(不懂有没有写错)...Really nice eh!!! Yummy....I'm so full after having my dinner...很丰盛咧!! I ordered a Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish 番茄蛋焖鱼套餐....Rm19.80 without tax...the set meal included a laver soup 紫菜汤, a fried egg plant wif meat, spring roll 春卷 and some vege.... and four of us shared an Ice Strawberry Milk 草莓牛奶冰 RM9.30 without tax... Both also YUMMY YUMMY~~ hahaha~~~ Although u all cannot have a try at here, but u can have a look for the yummy picture...hehehe....ENJOY~~

Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish 番茄蛋焖鱼套餐

Ice Strawberry Milk 草莓牛奶冰

So cute~~ XD

Joey, Cat, XiaoKen, KeXin and BlurBlur

Its a happy day with all of u....^^ I appreaciate alot~
love u gals~ muackzz~~~ Akai Ito!! ^^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Appreciate the time at here...

Talk about something not related for the title first..
Today is the war day..Cause got two papers need to take in a between onli got 1 hour to rest =.= Which is Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering...Feel released!! after the exam..cause really super duper extremely stress before the day..About the exam? okok la...feel contented..haha at least i know i will pass..XD (am I too optimistic? =p) The picture below is taken today also..(only the first pic la)..the spoon.....*speechless* =.=

Am I The Hercules? Hahaha

Spider Lily in 10th college

Holim?'s Kitty Miao..XD

Random pic taken after english exam


Okok,back to the title..Today (again?) I went to jogging!! No doubt just me, myself alone.. Haha..Sometimes I like to be alone also de~ cos I like to do some weird things...hehehe... and I will feel very happy after I've done that..^^ (dont think too much la..-.-) and that is sambil jogging sambil mengambil gambar~ (and sambil mendengar lagu Khalil haha)..

Its really fast...last year's today i'm still wondering which uni I should choose? OR will I get UM? so curious..But NOW...already going to end of this 2nd sem..AND I'm going to be someone's senior..huh...unbelievable..FAST...

Finally, I got the chance to jog alone almost around the UM.. and took so many precious photo that I like it very much...Here we go~ Let's enjoy the pictures~ ^^

FSKTM's building (tutorial rooms)

FSKTM building

FSKTM main building

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Business and Accounting (sry tis pic not nice =.=)

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

An old tree infront of 2nd college

Varsity Lake

I like feel

Got ppl kayak-ing at the lake there

Varsity Lake

This is I like the MOST!!

UM Library

BP-Bangunan Peperiksaan

Er..dunno call wat..


DTC-Dewan Tunku Canselor

This one I like it too~ taken infront of sci fac

From day till night..

The car spoilt the picture T_T

Take again..BUT blur edi T_T

I think from the photo you'll know the route of my jogging day ba??(If u're UM ppl) hehe..i got follow the sequence one neh...anyway, I'll appreciate everything happends at here.. No matter how, its one of my important memories in my heart.. ^^

Friday, April 17, 2009





那年是你教我 若爱是对是错


别粗心 别大意 别玩弄感情
别来不及 别太可惜
忘了美丽 那爱的承诺

让我怎么想 怎么看
怎么办 如何反应
这不关我的事 是你和他和他的事




Monday, April 13, 2009

Something Special.. Something Memorable..

...My Collections...

Cinema tickets from 2001 to 2008