Monday, November 30, 2009

Hui Xiang + Penang-Butterworth M&M (makan&main) Trip

24/11/2009 Tuesday
We (Quinn, JunYen, Holim and me) went to Penang by Holim's My V~
Then we stop at Bidor makan "duck leg mee~"

Sampai Mei Hu already 2pm+
Keh Ma & Keh Pa bought durian for us again~
walao~ me and see yee 2 ppl makan 3 durian! >.<" that time i sick somemore~ sorethroat+ flu.. really "use poison to attack poison" 以毒攻毒。。XD
Then we went to dinner with KehPa, KehMa, JianLing, MeiQi and MeiHui ErJie, somewhere around Komtar there.. Name "new gold mountain" 新金山。。near 火锅之家。。
There got Pizza super duper nice!!! can fight with Pizza Hut jor!!
They got secret skill~ which is burning wood to toast their pizza!

25/11/2009 Wednesday

Play basketball

Multimedia show in school

Help KehMa to make orange jelly~
"Jungle trecking"
This "xiao huang" always lead us to the place we wanna go~ so cute ^^

Bak Kut Teh in Su Yi Jie house
Celebrate Pai Heng's Bday in Lily Jie's house

Supper at "Kayu" Mamak


26/11/2009 Thursday

Went to ErJie's centre (托儿所)
lunch with MeiQi, KehPa and KehMa..
Keh Ma bought Tambun pia for us..
Photograph with KehMa.. Then say goodbye to her ='(

Heading to TengHau's home..

Then it's time to TAO!! wuhoo~ RM50++

After Tao, we plan to watch Twilight~
We're so lucky cuz the movie delayed to 12.30am, then only we able to buy the tickets
But we're so unlucky also, cuz the movie delayed AGAIN... till 1am only they start to show..SIAO!!
Somemore this movie super sien.... =.=|| beh tahan!!!
Finally we watch till 3am...OMG...

27/11/2009 Friday

Breakfast at Restoran Lin 七廊粿條汤 in BW
nice eh the 猪肉碎

Ferry Ferry time~
Heading to Penang Island~ "Bu~~ Bu~~"
Kenny's car cant start in the Ferry!! Fuiyo, chi gik!!

Before we send see yee to airport, we went to snake temple..
The person in the picture super look alike with Haw Wooi!! XD

After sending see yee's to airport, our next target is Jalan Penang's cendol!! wuhoo~

Then is Chee Cheong Fan!! NICE AR!!
JunYen brought us to buy coconut tart~ tasty~ yum yum~~

We went back to cendol's place to eat char kuey teow~
RM4... expensive neh~ but quite nice, bcuz of its egg!
and accidentally met Su Mei in the shop!! Fuiyo...geng!!

Then is to time have a rest for our stomach~~
so we went to Kek Lok Si temple~~

After buying some souveniers (Tambun Pia), our next target is....
Tissue Laksa in Air Itam!!
2nd time to taste it~ yum yum~~

Then it's time to O Jien and Char Kuey Kak!!
This time eat this O Jien no need to feel so GELI already...
Because this time got ppl can share with me..LOL
Char Kuey Kak is bought from Air Itam..
Near Zhi Cong's nenek's house there..
Also near "Google Earth Curry Mee"..HAHAHAHA~

Then is movie time again~
we watch Ninja Assassin.. 11.45pm
waliao...cut ppl like cuting Tou Fu... =.=||
Bleeding like Tomato Juice.. =.=|||

28/11/2009 Sunday

Breakfast at dunno what name's DIMSUM~~ (in BW)
not bad~ there really "ppl mountain ppl sea"~ wakaka

Then TengHau brought us to 斗母娘娘宫。。
When we reach there, my mouth memang bukak big big!! (O 0 O)"

The weather is super hot~
Then Teng Hau brought us to drink air mata kucing!!
wa~~ nice dao~~~ XD
"ah~~ 清凉舒爽"
zhi cong say sry again...LOL!

Lunch time~~
We went to Lunas, Kedah to eat.....roasted duck!!
after that, lagi chi gik! TH's car cant start~ XD
2 kali kat penang~~ wuhoo~~ nice experience~~
Then Kenny balik lu~
**rest at home**

Next station is SEAFOOD TIME~~!!!! OH YEAH!
But MMD onli (Ma Ma Dei)
Seafood tak cukup fresh...aiks~
but nvm, got super nice view!! XD love it~~ ^^

After sending zhi cong to take ferry back to Penang Island, we went to Autocity again~ cuz last time Holim and Frederick was sick, din follow us to TAO..we walk walk walk, eventually decided to go back to eat TOM YUM MEE!!! XD

Fuiyo~~ memang banyak ppl willing to wait for almost 1 hour to eat this tom yum mee~
although they use only cintan mee to cook, but their fried fish memang BAGUS!! super nice~
my bowl cost RM6.50... *burp* full full full... >.<"
after supper, went back home and watch BattleGround 舞极限... till 4am... wa....we really siao kia~~ XD

29/11/2009 Monday

It's time to go back KL~~
Brunch at BW~
TH brought us to eat yam rice+pork meat soup+curryfish head!!
woa!! that curryfish head BAGUS!! yummy~~

After brunch, say sayonara to Penang lu~~ XD
Unluckily, highway JAM!!
we spend 5.5 hours to reach KL.. =.=||
Then we took our dinner in Chi Chiong Kai~~
We ordered Gong Fu Chao and Fook Kin Min At "gam lin gei" 金莲记
Finally I can taste this Fook Kin Min T.T
nice!! XD

When I reached my home, almost 10pm!! siao... ><" and these are my Pia Pia for my family.. hehehe
*Finally I've finish my post... =.=||

Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 Days After Exam

...After exam...

17/11/2009 10.30am
went to low yat sing k~
before that we went to sg wang's Kim Gary to eat..

went to Mid Valley with Cat and PikYee..
Cat went to Sony Service Centre for her laptop..
PikYee wanna buy shoes..
I wanna take back my watch..
And we makan Nando's for our lunch~
Pai seh.. I like potato chipssss...XD

Then at night~
Richard fetch me,Cat and KenIu to eat~~
(aihz, too bad..yiyen not able to come back..)
Due to raining, we got no fate to eat 'ice' from Subang...T.T
den Richard decided bring us to 明天 "Tomorrow" in SS2(izzit SS2? I oso not sure..)..
after makan, we went to SECRET RECIPE!! XD
thx Richard!! ^^
before I step into secret recipe, suddenly my sixsense told me that Chocolate Banana is finished..
walao!! That shop really dun have chocolate banana lo!! after we asked!!

Then we dun want to eat at there~
we went to Jaya One's Secret Recipe~~
wao~ There's nice!!!
i like it~

Then u know what?
Chocolate Banana left one slice only!!!!!!!!
lucky lucky~ ^^
But...really full like hell..=.=||

Eat breakfast with JimJim, CatCat, KamWeng and HangWui
actually plan to FFK de...cuz slp too late the day before..
cuz watch 宫心计till 4am...=.=
Then 9am have to wake up and eat breakfast..
But finally din FFK, cuz CatCat said she's going..
hehe ^^ den ma go lo~
We went to.... dunno where.. I just know is further abit from ming tian..
Then I ordered 生鱼片粥~ "raw fish slice porridge" LOL
and Tapao some 烧包go back for lunch and dinner~
*cuz yesterday things still full till today =.=||*
den continue watch 宫心计 and packed things whole day~ lol

When I woke up..
sore throat + flu!!!
flu is because yesterday cleaning and packing..
so cham leh T.T
den went back home still nid to clean my dusty room again.. aihz...
2 months din go back.. reli dusty like hell...
Then the flu is become more serious and serious...keep on "Ha Chi! Ha Chi!" T.T
and I found that I'm a super geng collector..
I'm still keeping SPM Fizik and Kimia referrence book!!!
and also the examination papersss included SPM and STPM...=.=|||
Then whole day *sniff sniff* T.T

We (Ga jie (sister), Mummy and I) went to 1 Utama~
we watched 2012!!
okok la..not bad..cry again =.=||
her daughter - Lilly, damn cute and pretty!! hehehe =p

After that, we makan at "Chocolate"!!
Nice dao~~ XD
Yummy~~ So "hang fook"~ T.T

After Lunch, we went to IKEA~
cuz wanna change something..
before that we went to Padini concept store~
walao~ really long time din shopping lo~~~~~~~~~~~~ XD
bought so many things~ huhu~~
Somemore I no nid to pay~ XD

After Shopping, it's dinner time!! yay~
We went to eat 龙的传人! Dragon-i !
I've ordered 海鲜拉面!!! (Seafood Ramen)
Super duper extremely nice!!!!!!!! XD
cuz got my favourite prawn + scallop !! wa~~ XD
Then got some delicious side dishes ^^

Then is IKEA time~ ^^
bought some useful things~
then finally we can go back home~ ^^
reach back already 10pm.. ><"