Friday, February 27, 2009

I want to...

I want to buy a guitar
I want to learn guitar
I want to climb Gunung Kinabalu (not 8th college in UM ok...)
I want to have a jungle tracking in Taman Negara
I want to have a fasting (Maybe juice fasting...fasting is good for health)
I want to learn tennis
I want to learn and play drumset
I want to make egg tart by myself
I want to learn baking cake
I want to learn cooking from my daddy
I want to have my own doggie (i want a toy poodle/ xishi 西施)
I want to be a vegetarian in a month (cos its hard for me to do in permenantly)
etc etc....

p/s : just to remind myself what i want to do...

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Khalil...u made me LAUGH!!! hahahaha!!! first time see u so lame~~~ but for me u're very cute and funny.....黑色幽默?? or should i call u northpole prince?? cuz u reli making me freezin~~ XD

Anyway, still love u the most....\^o^/

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Khalil Fong -方大同

*Finally I've finished my test...and thank god i'm still able to online

21/2/2009 (Saturday)

This day is a very memorible day for me..
Before that I'm here to wish Tuck Sean and Kian Min Happy 21st Birthday~

Why I said its a memorible day? Cos My SUPER IDOL---KHALIL FONG 方大同 came to Malaysia for autograph session at Selayang Mall and Sg Wang...I've been waiting for this memont for a long time ago...FINALLY!!! Yesh!!! ^^

That day he sang 3 songs at Sg Wang...Which is "如果爱", "singalongsong" and "爱爱爱"...Damn happy cos finally can see his live show....He sang "singalongsong" and "爱爱爱" with just a single guitar...He's reli talented!! XD *crazy for him*...but its reli not enuf for me that is onli 3 songs....T_T Hope to see his concert soon...but........tis onli his 1st time came here to have a autograph session....when will be the concert!? T___________T sure must wait till neck grown longer...AIHZZZ

I let him sign onli 3 albums....T_T damn regret....why dun i give all 5.....stupid me...but actually i quite contented with that......between, those who went for selayang mall, they all get his signature and also with their own name there!!! means "To: xxx".....that time I was :" (O 0 O")....but he onli sang 1 song in selayang mall....kekeke...nvm lar~~~ as long as can see his live show also contented... ^^

I've taken some pictures there and also videos~~ ^^

see the ppl there!!?

From day....

till night

tuning guitar~~

khalil~~ XD

pictuer that curi from newspapers and others..

Khalil so good...he ask media to take photo with us.. T_T

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I got so many things want to post it out..
- went to see my idol--KHALIL FONG on Saturday (21.2.2009)
post 1 of the photosssssssssssss first =p

- no more internet access in my "LOVELY" college
- etc etc..

since there are so many tests(2 onli lar..haha) and assignments nid to do, somemore start from Monday (23/2/2009) there will be no more internet for my college... so.......................tata....going to study now....T___________________T

please do pray for me hardly *winkwink*

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blur Case 02 and 03

Yesterday (13.02.2009) I plan to study and have a assignment discussion at study room. For sure must bring along my "lovely" laptop. After I've reached there, I realized that I forgot to bring my "lovely" laptop's adapter................................. *Speechless*..........................Aihz.....I have to go back to my room again... Nvm lor, can keep fit also...T_T

After "study" (actually study not much :p) , then sure must balik bilik tidur lo...That time already ''early''......I already exhausted...I carry my "lovely" laptop and walk like a zombie....When I reached to K1 2nd floor, Pik Yee called me :" Lee Yin, u forget ur ADAPTER."
I was "@!*&#(#$*(!@*#"....What the......=.="

Then for sure I have to walk like a zombie and go back to study room to take my "LOVELY" ADAPTER. ADAPTER, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. u makes me keep fit.. =.= *faint*


Another blur case....
Today (14.02.2009) is a very special day~~~ BUT is not for me~~~~ XD
I'm here to wish evibadi have a lovely, romantic and Happy Valentine's day ^^
I went to Mid Valley today~~ Yes! I'm dating with somebody...hahahaha =p
With who?? With my girlfriend~~ :p and she is KeXin... =x

We went there just to hang kai kai~~ Actually we plan to watch movie...But then, the queue is longer than a dragon...(O o O)" OMG, want to watch a movie also canot...T_T
Suan lor, we gave up to watch a movie. Then we go to Nando's have our brunch. *Yummy*

When we're going to pay the bill, I can't find my wallet from my bag....*OH MY GOD*...I forgot to bring my wallet...
luckily I came out with somebody...I can't imagine what if I go alone. Am I going to wash the dishes for Nando's?? omg....Better dun think liao.... O_O""""" *Sweat*

Then we went to the exhibition hall to see the catwalk show~~ It is a wedding exhibition...So nice eh ^^ Those models are very pro~~ *Applause* The wedding dress also very good~~
After the show, we lepak lepak and bought sth..

Ughh....tired like having sore throat somemore...what a nice valentine's day~~~ XD

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Music --- Songs

I like music....
Hmm, I think I should say I love music a lot...

When I was a kid,my daddy always and likes to listen English songs (in the car)..haha...However,my Mummy which is English educated or somehow got people said that "banana"(still can talk mandarin,just cant read), she likes Chinese songs more than English songs..Isn't it weird? hehe..but my daddy can read chinese..haha..

Because of my daddy, all my siblings like to listen to the English songs and oldies~ I still can remember got a song is like "Rain~"(just can recall this 'one' word)..Sorry la, grown older..canot work my brain efficiently...=.= and i dunno the song's name..just remember is a lady singer and the melody.. its really a nice song..that's our (me and my sis) favorite song..

When I was studying in primary school,especially standard 1!!, we learned so many "cute" 放学了(first song in primary,which i like the most..hahaha),小蜜蜂,青蛙(cant really remember the name),妈妈的眼睛?,etc etc....Then after standard 4 we start to learn some hit Andy Lau's 笨小孩,光亮品冠's 朋友,etc etc etc...

I think since standard 4 or 5, our house finally got a radio,cassette and cd player...That time always listen to 光亮品冠's(Micheal and Victor) 掌心,and their last album...and also Gigi Leong's 短发,洗脸 that album...nice~

I still remember that my first ever album is "The Corrs--Talk on Corners" (Cassette)..Still in my room now...I like The Corrs very much..but they seems like 'no sound' after their 2nd or 3rd album...The song i like the most in the album is "What can I do"~~~ XD...who likes it please raise your hand~~ Yeah~~ \^o^/

When I started my secondary life, my elder sis and bro which are elder than me 4 and 5 years respectively, they started to buy the singer's albums..and I also affected by them...(too much money izzit?! lolx =.=) last time use to listen Spice Girl (2 become 1), Joey Yong 容祖儿, All Saints, Travis, Lene Marlin, Stephanie Sun 孙燕姿(天黑黑), Britney Spears (Baby one more time)...etc etc (cant remember so much)...

After that we started to buy CD...cuz cassette players are outdated...even my sony walkman(cassete player) just like an antique now...but still can function very well...and it's rechargeable one, dun play play...lolx =p Pull back from CD, we bought various kind of albums... i.e Jay Chou, Robbie Williams, Dido (just released a new album), Lene Marlin, Cheer Chen (陈绮贞), Eason Chan, Stephanie Sun, 石康军, SodaGreen (苏打绿), FFX-2 OST, F.I.R, Avril Lagvine etc etc....

In 2006, i found out a very nice singer...I knew this singer from Astro Wah Lai Toi's programme, which is a HongKong Award...That time he sang a song called 爱爱爱 "Love Love Love"...My first impression is "WAO!! FABULOUS!!"...Then i started to download all his songs and listen to it...Really damn good u know (not all people can accept his songs at that time,but now is getting better)...Then i really cannot tahan any more...faster go to KL and buy this album (not immediately la)....and "he" is the singer i like the most that is---- Khalil Fong 方大同...yeah!!

no doubt his name is Khalil...not malay ok? His style is Soul+R&B...All his songs were composed by himself... It's very hard to explain in words that how nice is it...After u've listen to it, then u'll know.. (not everyone also can accept certainly)...but for me really *thumbs up*...

Another singer that i also like it very much---Cheer Chen 陈绮贞, she just released a new album called 太阳 (sun)...Again I was, *Wao*...It's very nice just like her last album "华丽的冒险"...This album already 3 years ago...but i still put her songs inside my cellphone...because I really "emm seh dak" (不舍得) delete... She also the one who composed all her own songs...her songs can be rock too...those bass guitar very geng!! I like bass guitar more than normal guitar!! especially the solo part...yeng lor...

and last week i watch 超级星光大道 in Astro...徐佳莹 she sang "我爱你" from 卢广仲....walao!! i found another nice song!!! Actually last time Richard has sent me his song--100种生活...That time I was, "Eh, quite nice eh!!" but dun have the time to download all of it....After the show, I tak boleh tahan already, I go to download all his songs and listen....Again *Thumbs up*!!! his songs are very free...when u listen to it, u will feel like can released all ur stress!! one word--"NICE"!!

Got another Japanese singer which i like the most---Mika Nakashima 中岛美嘉...mayb u'll ask :"who is she?"...this is a very common question...but when i tell u she is "NANA"'s main actress, then i think u sure will "Oh.."... haha...Her songs also impress me a lot...full of emotion or we said that "feelings"...and her tone range is very high...can be undertone and also can be very hightone...*Applause*....somemore Japenese songs are very "much"....How "much"? Is like full of various kind of can listen not like common onli violin or cello...u can hear a horn, saxaphone or even a trombone sound !!... like it so much...cuz i'm a ex-band member in secondary school...hehe... ^___^">

Thursday, February 5, 2009







难道又是这句:船到桥头自然直 ?


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


3rd Day..

cant reli, eat and eat...XD
OH!! suddenly *light's up* remember already...
went out with MingLit, SeeNgah, JieJian, Eric and KokJeng
first station : KJ's house..
2nd station : my house..(play mahjong =D)
3rd station : Ric's house..(JJ play guitar)
ML and JJ house tiada org...
ngah house--so far oo~~ somemore 'someone' must fetch us can be ngah house is last station...lolx~
~*mou mou liu liu yao yat yat*~

4th Day..

Mummy's brothers and sister gathering...
They all sure must 'da ma jiok' (Mahjong) lo...
and also play Rami..(or Lami?) hmm wateva la..
den i oso play abit bit lo..hehe....but always lose neh...aih~~~

Gathering/FongFong,Strongest,SzeYen,HuiLin&TuckSean Birthday Party
Venue : Li Xin House
Time : 7pm

I reached LiXin house already 8 sth..
Why I am late?
bcuz that day i nid to drive there but mummy's car's gate's remote lost!!
Aduh...i stuck at there and try to find it out for 15 minutes...gosh...=.=

v all makan steamboat...simple saje...all those 'balls' lo...lolx
after makan we play black jack..some1 play mahjong...somebody chit chat~
and somehow stil got ppl tried to finish the ''balls''..hahaha

then v're having ''lou sang'' 捞生 in her lil' kitchen...
v got around 20++ ppl if not wrg...sure not enuf places to ''lou'' la...
and oso not enuf chopstick for us...then how??
ngiak ngiak, i'm so clever, sure got my solution...
tat is...using the lil fork~~!! =p
haha first time to use fork to lou sang...u tried b4? haha~

around 11pm v started to celebrate jan&feb birthday..
which are FongFong, Strongest, SzeYen, HuiLin and TuckSean
FongFong and Sean not managed to come.. =(
After photosession, all went back sekali gus...O_O" 一窝蜂。。(upload the picture later)

5th Day..
Forgotten >~<"

6th Day..
''Bai Nian'' day~
9.30am-8pm (wao~)

Places/houses :
FongFong--> LeeYin--> MeiSham--> ThengWay--> JieJian--> HuiLin-->
TuckSean--> SzeHui--> ZhenKai--> EweJin--> HuenCheang--> KiatOng--> YongHao
*din visit SeeYen and LiNee house..cuz too far~~

Geng leh~ i drived whole day leh....Ughhh damn tired...but happy ^__^v

7th Day..
Today is ''Yan Yat''(in cantonese) 人日。。 means everyone's birthday
usually this day have lou sang...but then my family ''emm hing''(不流行) lou sang on tat day..
but onli ''hing''(流行) eat poridge on that day...
Why must we eat bubur leh? i oso dunno~... hahaha
and also usually will eat ''sang yu pin jok'' 生鱼片粥...( english...sry i dunno ^_^">)

After Daddy's tuition, he straight away prepare the poridge for us...
Very very tasty~~ I LOVE YOU DADDY!! muackzz

Then 'ga jie' (eldyer sis) juz came back from Pangkor in the evening...
me and mummy miss her so much..cuz v finally can play mahjong wif her edi...XD
but tat nite i lose lor...yer....>~<"

*the another morning i went back to UM...aih~ holiday fast...wu wu wu T_T